La cire du vertige
(Vertigo Wax)
by Andres Alvarez
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In 1983

There are few things that need to be mentionned... my attempt to make a band called: HVK :Heinrich Von Kleist, named after the german romantic poet ended with a single called: "Manikin" , released on AZ Records.

in 1984

I resurfaced with a band called the BLITZ , signed on Barclay's, the single: "SOUS LE PAVILLON NOIR", "UNDER THE JOLLY RODGER" started to climb up the charts , making it to number 17.

and then what...? Polygram bought Barclay ... the "Real" Barclay was over...

in 1987

New band: The Duellists : one single: To Save you from the Fire". signed onto "Rideau Rouge" and the opportunity to record with Trevor Vallis a sound engineer and producer met a few years earlier @ the Chateau d'Hérouville.

I was not happy at all in France anymore...something was broken and I needed to go , to break away from these obsessions and eventually on March 23rd 1988 I boarded a flight to New Delhi which changed the rest of my Life.

There's Before & After...

You may leave India but India will never leave you.+.

And as soon as I came back , My mind was set and I headed straight for England again.``

My tapes had been picked up by Patsy Winkelman from Warner UK and she speeded up my return to England.

I first stayed in Kent with Treor Vallis and via South London, I ended up in Highgate N6 , Camden Borough where I was gonna spend the next ten years.
The Summer of Love was ON!...electro Atari teen age Riot please ! . Some most welcome changes you might say, and how Technology can be Ground breaking.

My London walks took me to the Megadog @ Holloway Road, The Venue @ Brixton, Killing Joke, Youth @ Butterfly studios, Shamanarchy @ Shoreditch, Megatripolis @ Charing Cross, the Bass clef @ Old Street, the Big Chill @ Islington, Ultimate hardcore @ Lewisham, and Birmingham to play with my Warner UK drummer friend and glamour twin :Fuzz Townshend. Fuzz became PWEI's drummer, and later on joined Bentley Rythm Ace.

All along the trail... Nigel d'Arville ( keyboards with FYC.), Bobby Bird (guitarist with Urban Dance Squad then founder of the electro ground breaking outfit called:HIA , Mute Publishing / Dying Art, Musidisc UK, Jeremy Thomas , M&M (Tears for Fears publishing, Veronica Gretton , NME, Fiction records, a flying service ...

November 1994, I met again with Olivier Huret @ EMI Music Publishing.
and signed with EMI.

Back to Westside studios , Eastcote studios with Philip Bagenal,@ Unit 17 with some of the Prodigy factor: Steve d'Agostin.

Another extremely big Encounter was the meeting with Tim Beckham , genius guitarist , who played with Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the Gun Club and the American Music Club.

Meeting up and playing with Eddie Branch, killer bass player , he had just let the Peter Murphy experience , was unique. Fantastic rehearsals in Northampton, sharing Daniel Ash's barn ( BAUHAUS , Love and Rockets ) on Lord Spencer's estate.

not to forget Jay Burnett top american producer, Boundary Row studios, Laura Bouisse

Some real cool times!

and then ... as we were having a world wide deal with BlackBird /Elektra in NYC , EMI France imploded. In the same time frames, playing in the USA... on...

October 6th 1998 : my mother dies after a New York gig @ Arlene's Grocery.

with different obligations and limitations I started... the HIGHWAY INTERFAITH Project.

" INTERFAITH" or "Highway Interfaith" with FUZZ TOWNSHEND , with this album had plenty of great reviews and is still avalaible from us if you go to the Gift shop and follow the proceeding , we still have hard copies of this album in our holds.


Follow the Highway Interfaith's Road Movie scenario by clicking on the following links. And have Fun ... follow the road... let's see how many times you will have to roll the dice to get a 6 or a 9. et interfaith .


But for NOW! it IS extremely clear that the Highest priority is with our own recent and next releases on BRM Records UK.

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