You can all pay a big tribute to Olivier Huret who was EXTRABALLE's first bassplayer and who later became Emi Music Publishing France's M.D and remained for eons in charge of this company in Paris.

For it was HE who twisted my arm to open this Vault. Fair enough I was then convinced with "Industry" terms and logic to bring back into the Light what once WAS and what IS HAPPENING with EXTRABALLE TODAY.

I got clear eyes and I can see far away, so don't blame for having left the french scene behind for so long. One has to strech, to expand.

How could have missed on a Venture and a challenge like these.

I must say that I am quite happy to be back where I've always belonged...

London and West London which has always been my primal pool.

Be prepered for your suspensions of Beliefs.My new Incarnation is well spicy.

This site is dedicated to All the people that have been part of this Story line. And the main Actors are in the Gallery..